KettingHuls Architects

KettingHuls is a Dutch progressive and contemporary architecture firm. They work from a refurbished warehouse ‘Maakplaats Hem’ located on the Amsterdam harbor front, the practice works on projects that vary in scale, dimension and program; ranging from architecture to urban planning. They look at the city and the land from the perspective of those who move slowly: those who travel about on foot or by bike; active people who draw on all their senses to perceive and experience the built environment.

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Typefaces: Suisse Int’l, Suisse Int’l Mono and Suisse Neue
Printer: Rob Stolk, printed in 
HKS 64N and foil stamping
Printer brochures: Jubels (digital)
Binding: stitch-bound with green and sand brown sewing thread by Agia Lith