PostNL — Spraakmakend geld

Spraakmakend geld — De Nederlandse gulden, PostNL

The Dutch guilder as a cultural symbol

On 23 July PostNL issued 10 stamps bearing 10 special guilder coins and guilder banknotes. The coins and notes originate from the National Numismatic Collection (NNC), which is managed by De Nederlandsche Bank. It is the largest collection of coins, paper money, medals and related objects in the Netherlands. The guilder naturally plays an important role in this collection. The history of the Dutch guilder spans over 700 years. The first guilders were used in the Low Countries from the year 1300, at a time when they were still coined in Florence.

The stamps feature a golden lily guilder from 1355, one of the first guilders coined in the Netherlands. Other stamps in the issue include the paper emergency coin of Leiden from 1574, the proof coinage of a silver state guilder from 1680, a 1000-guilder note also called the red back, from 1860, a paper two and a half guilder coin from 1949, the Lieftinck 10-guilder note from 1945 and the last issued 10-guilder note, the kingfisher from 1997.

The Remarkable money – the Dutch guilder issue was designed by graphic designer Michaël Snitker from Amsterdam. His design includes many references to the history of the Dutch guilder, including the die position of guilder coins and the complex geometrical patterns on guilder notes. Snitker: “We wanted to display the money by telling a story, using exclusive coins and notes from various periods. The National Numismatic Collection includes incredibly beautiful material, a reflection of our country’s rich numismatic history. The Netherlands has a strong tradition of designing coins and banknotes. The role of money as a cultural symbol has been particularly striking in the twentieth century. This also applies to stamps, of course. That is what makes their combination in this issue so special”. — PostNL

‘Schatgraven in de kluizen van De Nederlandse Bank’

‘Amsterdam in vogelvlucht – Europapostzegels 2012’

10 stamps  |  each 36 × 25 mm  |  sheet 108 × 150 mm  |  Dutch
PostNL, The Hague, 2018

Printer: Joh. Enschedé, Haarlem
Enveloppe: Drukkerij Rob Stolk, Amsterdam
Colors: cyaan, hexachrome magenta, yellow, black and hexachrome orange
Edition: 120.000
Paper: True White with fosfor