Huis Marseille — Museum for Photography

Huis Marseille — Museum for Photography, Amsterdam

Since 1999, Huis Marseille has been situated on Keizersgracht 401 as Amsterdam’s first photography museum. In September 2013, the museum was expanded to include the neighboring building at Keizersgracht 399, providing it with a total of fourteen exhibition spaces, including the lightwell in 399. The museum offers a rich and varied exhibition programme with changeovers about four times per year. Since the expansion in 2013, there has been a lot of opportunity to show the museum’s own collection alongside the exhibition. The collection consists primarily of leading modern (national and international) photography.

Temporary identity for expandig museum:
– logo = ligature hm (huis + museum)
– overlap = two buildings: Keizersgracht 399/401
– overlap = permanent collections + temporary exhibitions
– overlap based on subtractive color mixing (light background)
– overlap based on additive color mixing (dark surface)

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Huis Marseille — Museum for Photography, 2010-2019

Typeface: Massilia (custom design by Bart de Haas)
In cooperation with Bart de Haas