MS Oranje

MS Oranje — Changing course — Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam

The Oranje has a fascinating story, having taken on various roles and guises during its lifetime. It was originally built as a luxurious passenger liner in the late 1930s, sailing between the Dutch East Indies and the Netherlands. It later served as a hospital ship during the Second World War. After the war, thousands of people travelled from Indonesia to the Netherlands on board the Oranje, making their way to a new home and a new life in Europe. The two-part exhibition sheds light on both the history of the ship and the personal stories of those post-war migrants. 

Visual identity (2D)  |  Print communications  |  Coloring plan  |  Signage  |  Book
Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam, 2018

Typeface: NTF-Grand and National (OTF)
Exhibition design by Paul Toornend
Photos © Scheepvaartmuseum, Twycer