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Museum Catharijneconvent — Here in our very own Bible Belt

The exhibition ‘Here in our very own Bible Belt’ uses the name Bible Belt in two ways: first of all as a geographic designation, but also to refer to a category of Reformed Christians. However, these geographic and religious designations are not wholly consistent with each other, and there are also significant differences separating one Reformed group from another.

The Bible Belt is a broad strip that runs through the Netherlands from southwest to northeast. This Belt is home to a relatively large number of Reformed experiential believers, also known as ‘refos’. These Christians are members of the Reformed Church, which means they cherish the teachings of the Reformation. Biblical authority is considered sacred. The exhibition will help you get to know this group of believers better, you will learn about their history, churches and organizations, as well as their relationship with the world around them.

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Museum Catharijeneconvent, Utrecht, 2019

Typeface: Delvard Condensed Std
Exhibition design by Paul Toornend
Photos © Museum Catharijneconvent, Billie-Jo Krul, Mike Bink