Due to Lack of Interest

Sanne Peper — Due to Lack of Interest Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled

The book project Due to Lack of Interest Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled deals with the universal fear of dying and with our desire to understand and bridge the gap between ourselves and the unknown. We try to fill this potentially dangerous conceptual void with — amongst several other things — storytelling, science, art and religion. Peper uses some of these to try to comprehend and make visible something fictional and immaterial.

The publication consists of around hundred photographs, written observations, some artworks by outsider artists and found antique real photo postcards, as well as quite a long short story by musician Jim White. The graphic design is modernistic and understated, to complement the Romantic, subjective and gritty photography. 

The book was presented at the Unseen Photography Fair in Amsterdam and has been co-funded by the Mondriaan Fund.

Awarded with the Best Dutch Book Designs 2015

Selected The Best Photo Books of 2015 by De Volkskrant

Best Photo Books 2015: David Campany

168 pages  |  200 × 275 mm  |  Dutch
Publisher: Lecturis, Eindhoven, 2015

Fonts: Gothic 720 and Larish Neue
Papers: Munken Lynx Rough 100 gsm, Curious Metallics Nude 120 gsm, Muskat 100 gsm, Stardream Peridot 285 gsm (cover)
Lithographer: Colour & Books, Apeldoorn (Sebastiaan Hanekroot)
Printer: Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort
Binder: Hexspoor, Boxtel
Binding style: Sewn Otabind with flaps