ArtEZ Fashion Masters

Fashion Journal — The Annual Report of ArtEZ Fashion Masters, Arnhem

“The main point we are trying to explain is that with today’s fashion shows and online streams the focus on the actual garments and meanings seems to be forgotten. The focus on fashion is blurred and should be put back to number one.” (Students Generation 11)

Fashion Journel is the Annual Report of ArtEZ Fashion Masters and contains articles from professionals and graduates, they explore boundaries and play with alternatives, resulting in inspiring views, concepts and challenges. The present economic and creative turbulences within the global fashion industry provide new chances and opportunities. For one thing, it allows us to take a close look at and reconsider some of the contemporary concerns of the fashion world. In terms of its presentation, there seems to be a need for a new model: staged fashion presentations in alternative spatial and multimedia settings. As a major cultural phenomenon, fashion should be communicated in ways that facilitate original messages. This implies, among other things, that young designers take the lead and present state-of-the-art designs and concepts. Alternatively, young fashion curators and fashion journalists should continue to make us reflect on fashion-related concerns in new ways.

96-112 pages  |  145 × 220 mm  |  English
ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, 2010-2014

Cover images: Freudenthal/Verhagen
Papers: Lessebo Smooth 1.2 Natural 130 gsm, Munken Lynx and Pioneer
Printer: Drukkerij Rob Stolk, Amsterdam
Binding style: Sewn softcover