oneindige zin

Rozalie Hirs ― oneindige zin

trek me snel mee laat ons weggaan heel ver weg hand in hand
zingt het hoogste lied zijn liedjes verbrijzelen stenen dan weer tovert

In her seventh Dutch poetry book oneindige zin (infinite sense, 2021), Rozalie Hirs travels through the fluid language of inner worlds, spilling over into outer ones. From the imagination and the dream to the house, the garden, the city, the woods, the internet, and the universe. How can an open syntax lead to new poetic structures and meanings? By reaching for its ultimate possibilities, Hirs declares her love for language. Together with the cyclical nature of day and night, seasons, tides, and shapes of the moon, infinite sense celebrates life, dancing, singing.

720 pages  |  170 × 240 mm  |  Dutch
Uitgeverij Querido, Amsterdam, 2021

Typeface: Maison Neue – Milieu Grotesque
Papers: Munken Premium Cream 19.5 80 gsm and Keaykolour Old Rose 300 gsm (cover)
Printer: Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort
Binding: Sewn softcover with red sewing thread and embossing