Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum — Dordrecht

Learning through play — Make your own logo

Identity and permanent presentation design for the National Museum of Education, located on the ground floor of its brand new accommodation: the beautiful building ‘De Holland’, designed and realised by the dutch architect Sybold van Ravesteyn in the years 1937-1939. The presentation displays a rather large selection from the over 350.000 widely divergent objects that constitute the collection of the museum; from textbooks, wall-charts, ink jars, atlases, photo’s and educational films to diaries and schoolbags.

Van Ravesteyn’s design elements was the inspiration to create a new typeface called Sybold. The curves and straight lines that you see in the De Holland building can also be recognized in the design. With the separate elements of the logo you can play and create your own typeface. The spatial design for the exhibition starts from a re-interpretation of the original interior design and layout for the building by Van Ravesteyn, based on historical documents, drawings and photographs found in the archives of Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.


Visual identity (2D)  |  Print communications  |  Coloring plan  |  Signage
Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum, Dordrecht, 2015

Typefaces: Sybold (custom) and LL Circular
Exhibition design by Paul Toornend