Haute Bordure

Haute Bordure — Fries Museum

In the exhibition Haute Bordure you can marvel at four centuries of handmade embroidery in Dutch fashion. More than 100 historical and contemporary pieces will be displayed in six rooms. The museum’s unique collection will be enriched with many historical and contemporary pieces from Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and various contemporary designers. From a spectacular catsuit by Jan Taminiau — stitched from head to toe with sequins — to gold-threaded shoes from 1620, and from rustling roaring twenties dresses to 18th century men’s cardigans with meticulously embroidered details. 

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Visual identity (2D)  |  Print communications  |  Coloring plan  |  Signage
Fries Museum, Leeuwarden, 2021

Typeface: Beatrice and Beatrice Display
Exhibition design by Paul Toornend
Photography (details): Erik en Petra Hesmerg
Videos and projections: Sije Kingma
Soundscape: Merlijn Snitker
Photos © Fries Museum, Ruben van Vliet