Fotografisch geheugen ― NFg

NFg — Fotografisch geheugen

Fotografisch geheugen supports the aim of the Dutch Photo Society Association to achieve a broad exchange of knowledge and experience about the formation, conservation, disclosure and digitization of photo collections in the Netherlands. Information exchange through the magazine promotes the mutual coordination of the collection, research and exhibition policy in the field of photography. Because each issue is built around a varying and appealing theme, the magazine is not only popular with photo-managing institutions, but also with a growing group of photography collectors and other (art) historical interested parties.

Interview over de vormgeving (Fg 97):
over werelden en de maan.pdf

32-36 pages  |  210 × 285 mm  |  Dutch
Nederlands Fotogenootschap (NFg) 

Typefaces: Atlas Grotesk, Plantin and Action Condensed
Papers: Lessebo Smooth 1.2 Natural 130 gsm
Printer: Drukkerij Aeroprint, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel
Binding: Loop Stitch