Fashion for God

Fashion for God ― Religious textiles from hidden churches in the Dutch Republic 1580-1800

Traditionally, priest’s vestments have been pre-eminently the objects on which the most attention and money was spent in a church. They were, and often still are, of a dazzling and heavenly beauty.

When the survival of the Catholic Church was threatened during the Republic and Catholic shelter churches were not allowed to be recognisable from the street, what was not allowed to be shown on the outside was compensated for on the inside. In the 17th century, the robes became gold, silver and silk expressions of silent resistance, but also of a feminist agenda of the makers. Behind closed doors, everything was literally and figuratively pulled out to propagate the Catholic faith. Worn ball gowns with colourful flowered French, English and Chinese fashion fabrics were donated to the church by rich, pious women so that beautiful and special church vestments could be made from them. So it could easily happen that a priest in a pink robe with flowers stood at the altar. (Dutch edition) (English edition)

Awarded with the Best Dutch Book Designs by the student jury 2023

224 pages  |  220 × 280 mm  |  Dutch edition (pink) and English edition (green)
Waanders Publishers and Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht, 2023

Typeface: GT Alpina (Grilli Type)
Papers: Arena Natural Smooth 120 gsm, IBO one 60 gsm, Magno Volume 115 gsm and Invercote G 220 gsm (cover)
Photography: Ruben de Heer
Lithography: Wilco Art Books, Benno Slijkhuis
Printer: Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort
Binding style: Sewn softcover with flaps and finished with textile structured lamination and embossing title